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*This is a print book. 

About this book: 

In Sarah Wilson's first book, I Quit Sugar, she helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide kick the habit. And now she's back at it, only this time, she shows you how to be sugar free forever. 

The recipe chapters:

  1. A Bunch of Interesting Breakfasts
  2. Totally Tote-able
  3. Reinvented Comfort Classics
  4. Midweek One-Pot Meals
  5. Celebrations and Treats With Which to Impress the Sceptics
  6. Kids' Lunches and Snacks
  7. A Chapter of Chocolate
  8. Brilliant Leftovers
  9. Ferments, Sauces and Dressings in Jars

Drawing on extensive research and her own tried-and-tested methods, she's designed 148 sugar free recipes that maximise nutrition and bring everything back to her just eat real food philosophy #JERF. She also includes information on how to detox from the white stuff safely, exercise less but with better results, knowledge on how to make sustainable food choices, food allergen guides and swaps and a four-week wellness program with menu plans. 

What Sarah says:

“Quitting sugar is not a diet. It’s not about crazy draconian rules and weight-loss stunts. Quitting sugar is a way of living without processed food and eating like our great-grandparents used to before the crap.”

What others say:

"Excellent book! Ms. Wilson offers a lively, well-researched and engaging way for us all to curb the sugar habit and in so doing, offering another potential key for living longer." - Dan Buettner (New York Times Best-selling author)

"Sarah and her I Quit Sugar message is the impetus for change that our health and the planet needs. My hat goes off to Sarah for getting these critical messages out there to the world." - Scott Gooding (TV personality and co-author of Clean Living)

"I am a vegetarian, have sensitivity to wheat and lactose also and I found I Quit Sugar made me experiement MORE with my food instead of limiting, it expanded my options. When you are aware of what's actually IN the foods you eat, it's amazing how you see things differently. I am also finding I can handle some lactose now that I have quit sugar! Not large amounts, but a few dollops of full fat natural yoghurt seems to be fine and not ginving me cramps or bloating like it did before." - Lara



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