Why buy Organic over conventionally grown crops?

Author: Trilogy Health   Date Posted:25 February 2017 

Trilogy Health is an organic food choice ambassador. There are many reasons from a nutritional point of view to choose organic over nonorganic foods. If it's not in or in the soil, then it’s not in or in your foods basically. With so many ways our bodies obtain toxins in this modern age of living, choosing organic foods gives you a head start on what toxins are consuming through the foods you eat. Organically grown foods have less chance of containing the nasties which can cause damage or unbalance to our bodies. Here are a few reasons why we recommend and sell organic whole foods. When you see the ACO logo on the products we stock, you can rest assure that they contain no harsh chemical pesticide residues, no GMO, and no animal cruelty and are of the highest quality. Not only are you looking after your health when choosing Certified Organic but also the health of the environment and our planet. 

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