About Us

Author: Trilogy Health   Date Posted:1 January 2017 

Trilogy Health is an online retailer supplying certified organic wholefoods & natural food products, natural health and beauty products and other environmentally safe and natural household products. Founded by a local couple, Carolina Kotevski and Anthony Rapa, whom personally embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Carolina is a current student of nutritional medicine, in her third year of her Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) at one of Australia’s leading Natural Health Care Universities. Her passion to share the fundamentals of nutrition for health and helping people to manage preventable disease has driven her. “Food is our fuel, it nourishes, replenishes, balances, rejuvenates and repairs our bodies. Using fresh and raw ingredients to create meals, knowing all the ingredients that you are consuming in your food is empowering & knowing that it is assisting in the process of optimum health. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. I will share many of my personal favourites on our site. Food should be enjoyed, not restricted and looked at as a punishment for ill health & obesity. Everything in moderation is the best thing I have learnt in my journey and also that nutrition and weight loss is personal and individual, there is no one fix diet and when you come to a realisation of what works for you, you arise to an equilibrium of health & wellbeing within yourself. You can still have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, when you learn how to substitute conventional cooking ingredients with healthy, nutritious alternatives. Live, Laugh, Learn, Love & Cook beautiful nourishing food with your family & friends’ is my philosophy for a happy life. The best memories are made around a table of good food with family & friends', Carolina expresses.

 Together, Carolina & Anthony had a passion for everyone to have access to affordable healthy and organic foods, free from toxins, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, additives and GMO’s, this was what drove their motivation to start their business. “ As a student and mother, I found it financially demanding to always afford the best brands, that are non GMO, pesticide free, additives free, organic and pure and didn’t want to compromise on quality when it came to eating healthy and creating our meals for the family’, Carolina expresses.  Whether it be the supply of quality products to the family household who are health conscious consumers or a local cafe that is changing their menus to meet the demand of healthy choice meals for their customers, Trilogy Health’s promise is to source the finest quality well-known brands, and deliver them at affordable prices to their customers. ' Food is an important part of life and being able to prepare meals knowing your ingredients are free from added chemicals and pesticides etc.… is very reassuring and being able to afford to eat clean and healthy for any budget is even more satisfying', Carolina says. Our suppliers at Trilogy Health are also all environmentally caring and conscious which is important to us. Caring not only for our health but the health of our planet is paramount. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience & please let us know if we do not currently stock a favourite product & we will do our best to bring it on board. Take care, be healthy & happy the Trilogy Health way......' health through nutrition, fitness & mindfulness.....but most of all clean, pure, real wholefoods made by YOU :)